a poet to her son

(https://www.pinterest.com/maternitique/the-maternal-muse/) (https://www.pinterest.com/maternitique/the-maternal-muse/)

the holy thrumming of the fan

in our bedroom is chanting your

lullaby in protective undertones.


I am cozy, staring into the poised

bassinet that will hold you just less

than cocooned to me in ten short weeks.

I practice knowing the smell of you,

I stay up later than I’m barely able just

to shake hands with the exhaustion

we’ll happily lend a room to.


and you – you are practicing self defense

beneath my flesh; to you, the only world there is.

I could make tiny wishes that you’d some day

tell me what my heartbeat sounds like from the inside:

glass-smooth jazz, a jagged pop beat?


I like to imagine my writer’s heart

beats like the honey of a romance novel,

appreciating with intensity every soft thump of life.


I question that you’ll read my work

(hold it high as Hamlet held…

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All Art I’ve Created In the Past Couple a Weeks 


Saturday Gallery Visits

On Saturday I went on the hunt for Good Brunch and Good Art . That’s exactly what I Accomplished on this Day . From The Haring Exhibit to Julian Schnabel exhibit ( Which I got the pleasure of Bumping in to at his own Exhibit ! Boy was he such a Nice & Humble person ! My only regret is not actually having a conversation with the Legend himself for longer than 2 mins . There was so many things I wanted to ask him but since we were in a rush , I didn’t get to 😦 , but he seemed intrigued with my energy enough where he stood looking at me as if he sensed my vibe of an appreciative Artist myself . Till we meet again ! This time I will be prepared to converse and have my business cards Ready ! )  Brunch was @ Mothers Ruin where we enjoyed Great Food and Great Drinks . I will post tons of Art for yall to see the kind of Art Filled Day! 

Survival Of The Deep

Living To Survive
Is That The American Dream That We Stride
Life isn’t a Game No Need To Keep Score
Waking Up is a Surprise, What Do Your Goals Have In Store
Like a Bodega
Serving Lucys and Manteka
Its a Gamble But The Profit is Worth It
I Don’t Mean Cash to Stash or Put In Your Purses
Success and Happiness is The Goals To Attain
Not the Logo’s of Luxury embedded in Your Brain
What Do I know though, I’m Just on a Cloud Kickin it With Mary Jane