Art and Other Dreams

I am the Creator of FREEBRIXX . An entity I am Building for Creatives and Life Livers! ( not actual Livers of the human body, but take care of that liver anyhow. But those Living Life with Positivity and Progress!) I am still in the beginning stages of building my brand, because as we all should know by now YOUR BRAND IS EVERYTHING! Well at least when it comes to success. This being my first post i should be introducing to you what FREEBRIXX is going to contain. ART! Thats what this is FOR! Illustrations, Drawings, Doodles, Paintings, Sketches , Videos , Poems, Short Stories, from myself and other Artists i connect with!  You’ll also get my thoughts whenever I think of something worthy to write about on here, which will probably be often since I’m always thinking most of my days. I also come up with ideas from the dreams I have dang near every night (or early mornings i should say) . Thats enough ramble from me in the Introduction . 


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