Rambo with the Ramble

Life.. Well Life in America I mean. These days are getting stranger and stranger as they go by. In a variety of ways. Police openly killing the INNOCENT. Parents Killing their children in brutal ways ; In the Case of Casey Anthony obviously killing her child and being found innocent. Zimmerman having constant Violent arrests after being acquitted of murdering a teen. Cops openly abusing , beating, in constant cases Killing in broad day.

More problems in daily “Popular Society” with reality shows, and entertainment being more of a necessity than actual occurrences that affect our WAY OF LIVING. Politics and Entertainment are literally one in the same. Both are ruthless for attaining one of 3 choices ; Power , Fame , Money . So why are People so controlled by sitting in front of the idiot box rather than living and making a change? I can’t say I don’t indulge in watching movies or being consumed by the internet and its endless possibilities of where you can travel and learn about. But I try and consume my mind with positivity and ART of all sorts instead of spending money frivolously on Expensive clothes That I can’t afford to impress people I don’t give a shit about. But thats me rambling in to details about every sentence I’m saying . This is just me Sharing some of my thoughts . Until My next expression session .


One thought on “Rambo with the Ramble

  1. People make me sad these days. I read that a couple of hours away a ninety year old man was arrested for feeding the homeless. That hurts my heart.


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