Insta ART appreciation

As I listen to this Mozart “Requiem in D minor”, taking a pull from my perfectly rolled grape rello (Cigar stuffed with therapy is what I call it). The TV is playing Real Husbands of Hollywood , which is pure unfiltered comedy courtesy of Hevin Hart and company. Well I came to this thought of appreciation for being able to CREATE ARTISTICALLY . I also received a nice Direct message on Instagram from a Living Artist , Who I believe to be thee best Portrait Painter Robert Peterson. (While also using a wide range of colors for his subjects) . I can literally speak about his work for hours . Point I’m making is I voted for him for the Bombay/Rush Arts contest (I’m Currently also in) which is about to end any day now . Let him know I voted for his work and showed my support and appreciation towards his art. He instantly thanked me & said he would do the same ( whether he did or didn’t wasn’t on my mind). He DM’d me and showed his appreciation by voting for my work ,showing me he is a man of his word, even telling me to keep up the DOPE WORK! (on a painting Titled “Cuatro IV” which is a strong painting I did earlier this year) The whole basis of my blog(Name) comes in to play here now .. FREEBRIXX “DOPE CREATIONS BY THE KILO” . One more time DOOOOPE CREATIONS by the kilo. I am building an Artistic Brand . ART. DOPE ART. To make the masses appreciate and get addicted to the Work I Put out. My passion grows daily for what I create. All the time the idea’s of creativity is what keeps my mental occupied on most days. I can’t really explain it. In a sense I, MYSELF am an Art Addict ( when it comes to creating it, reading about it and appreciating it!) . My gift is to be given to the world, and in due time the appreciation of what I do will grow the more people get a chance to see it. So appreciation is what Keeps all ARTISTS going! At least to me it does. The Money isn’t the real drive of what keeps you wanting to do it more and more! Yes it is a nice incentive once it starts selling like hot cakes , BUT it is not what should keep you going IF you want to LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!

CUATRO IV " 4 Ft High 3 ft wide"

” 4 Ft High 3 ft wide”


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