Life has a way of presenting itself in many forms. Answers and more questions arise , and Its not this and this isn’t that. So many things occur in the world and in YOUR WORLD that at times it can be very hard to see where life has you going or where you’re going in LIFE. It’s OKAY. No, Really! It’s O.K. We go through many obstacles and phases in our Life to experience what WE CAN as humans to make sure WE HAVE LIVED! THAT WE ARE LIVING, KICKING and SCREAMING OUR WAY TO HAPPINESS ALL WHILE LIVING! As a human living in NYC , grinding in the hustle and bustle of The Metrocard Swiping , nine to fivers , five to niners , nine to niners, and all day MTA riders. Who happen to make the Iron Horse ( which means TRAIN for you non slanguistic’s who never heard of BIG L ) their mainstay whether all day or commuting . It is a very difficult to try and follow your DREAMS as a Human being who is trying to make a positive impact in CULTURE all while trying to SURVIVE . Yes My People, we all have to pay bills,rent,living expenses,habits & hobbies. That is unless you have mommy and daddy who can take care of all of the above. More power 2 ya! I however have to grind for what i have and maintain , all while being a CREATIVE. Painting, Drawing, Writing . DREAMING! (To me Dreams are a different form of reality. They all have some sort of value whether big or small. The mind is Far Greater than what is being showed or allowed). So all I can say at this is point that I’m Figuring it out just like the rest of us who are doing it on their own. One thing is for certain, My Legacy will surpass my name in the form that I WILL IMPACT CREATIVES for the rest of existence . Bold claim to make some people would say , BUT! I’m not some people or MOST PEOPLE! THERE IS ONLY ONE ME! I declare what I want and what I’m after . SO HEAR ME OUT WORLD ! I’m COMING & I’m COMING FOR EVERYTHING THAT I WANT! SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION!



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